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6 Best Designs in iPad BI Software

We asked software vendors to show us their best mobile application UIs. Here are our six favorite screenshots of iPad BI software.


Q&A with Rob Collie: Is Microsoft Excel the Next Great Business Intelligence Solution?

Is Microsoft positioning Excel to be a more significant player in the BI applications space? Or, are these new BI features just a natural evolution of the product?

Sustainability Initiatives

Data Collection + Business Intelligence = Successful Sustainability Initiatives

For sustainability to drive process efficiencies and impact the triple bottom line, initiatives must be measurable, quantifiable and actionable.


Big BI Lessons from Cheezburger’s Notorious B.I.T.

Read how Cheezburger learned to identify analyses with the most value and created a platform for discussion with its BI tool.

Quantitative Analytics

Hangout with Thomas Davenport Recap: The Future of Working with Data

Thomas Davenport discusses topics from his latest book, Keeping Up with the Quants. Here are the key takeaways from the conversation.

Davenport Hangout Thumbnail

Google+ Hangout with Thomas Davenport: The Future of Working with Data

Thomas Davenport joins Software Advice to discuss his latest book, Keeping Up with the Quants: Your Guide to Understanding and Using Analytics.

BI Software Market Opportunity

Is the BI Market Opportunity Understated?

A survey of key trends in the BI software market, the use cases for these new and improved applications, and why the BI market has a such a large potential.

Data Scientists

3 Career Secrets for Aspiring Data Scientists

If you’re up to the challenge and want to obtain a job as a data scientist, the time is now. Demand for data professionals is far outpacing supply.

Create BI Teams

4 Steps to Creating Effective BI Teams

Four steps to establish guidelines, organize teams, delegate data management and allow success of the BI team to permeate throughout the business.

BI Buzzwords

BI Buzzword Breakdown | 5 Experts Tackle 3 Business Intelligence Definitions

BI experts explain three prevalent terms–big data, data warehouse and data mining–in a way that business users can readily grasp without badgering the IT team.

Business Intelligence 101

Business Intelligence 101 – A Beginner’s Guide to BI Software

In this guide, we introduce three foundational BI components: Data Warehouses; Extract, Transform and Load (ETL); Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).


What’s Lacking in Today’s Business Intelligence Software

BI tools are expected to help users identify patterns and provide information in order to help make fact-based decisions. But most fail to benefit the company directly.