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Data center

How to Collect Your Customers’ Data—Without Scaring Them Off

The potential for a company’s data collection practices to damage its brand is an increasing risk. We’ve identified some of the best ways to proceed.


Want To Leverage Your Dark Data? 5 Steps to Get Started

Putting your “dark data” to use can help you gain the fresh, actionable insights about your customers that you need to compete.

Conde Nast

How Condé Nast Democratized Data Across Brand and Sales Teams

After struggling to communicate analysis of increasingly large data sets across company departments, Condé Nast adopted Microsoft Power BI in 2013.


Business Intelligence Software BuyerView | 2014

This report outlines the trends that were uncovered after analyzing interactions with prospective Business Intelligence (BI) buyers.


5 Quick Fixes For Common Database Reporting Slowdowns

Slow database reporting can compromise the efficiency of your BI operations. Here are five quick fixes to help speed up your system.


Hadoop 101: The Most Important Terms, Explained

To eliminate the confusion and help professionals understand Hadoop once and for all, we enlisted the help of three experts to create this informative guide.


Is Free Business Intelligence Software Right for Your Business?

The cost of paid BI solutions can be daunting, especially for smaller businesses. Here, we take a closer look at the free BI tools available.

Target Dart

How DocuSign Uses Demandbase to Target 1 Billion Leads

DocuSign’s VP of demand generation explains how the firm uses web analytics technology to deliver a targeted experience to their massive addressable market.


Want to Make Six Figures? Consider a BI Graduate Program

As “big data” continues to grow exponentially, businesses in every industry are increasingly in need of analysts to interpret and make use of it.

Target Shuffle Histogram

3 Ways to Test the Accuracy of Your Predictive Models

Three top data mining experts reveal the tests they use to measure the accuracy of their own predictive models, and what makes each test so effective.


4 Women Leading the Way in Business Intelligence

To find out what it takes to become a successful female executive within BI, we interviewed four female professionals at the top of the field.

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Winning Dashboard Creation Tips from the QlikView Open Data Challenge Champion

We caught up with the QlikView Open Data Challenge champion to discover the dashboard creation tips that helped win him first place.


How SAS Uses SAS® CXA to Increase Marketing Response Rates

SAS’s customer experience analytics software has more than doubled their marketing response rates and changed the way they market to customers.


Let’s Play Moneyball: 5 Industries That Should Bet on Data Analytics

We interviewed several business intelligence experts to get their opinion on which industries are ripe to be “Moneyballed.”

Kaggle Around the World

Big Data Wizards on Kaggle: Who Are They, and What Do They Have in Common?

We examined the top 100 users on Kaggle, an online platform that hosts analytics competitions, to discover what these data “wizards” have in common.

Value vs. Complexity

David Norton’s 4 Secrets to Understanding Customers Through Analytics

Customer analytics expert David Norton reveals how to build excellent customer analytics practices that uncover insights other companies usually miss.


Video: Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Big Data Jobs

Even for data professionals with the right credentials, the most attractive positions are highly selective. Todd Nevins of icrunchdata shares the top mistakes to avoid.

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Video: The Data Scientist Shortage

Last week, I sat down with Todd Nevins, co-founder of Big Data job board icrunchdata, to discuss the biggest trends within the job market.

Big Data World

Q&A With Raymie Stata: Man-Machine Collaboration Drives Big Success With Big Data

Former Yahoo! CTO Raymie Stata discusses how businesses are using Big Data, and how man and machine can work together to prove its value.

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Case Study: Improves Booking Performance Through Sophisticated Business Intelligence Efforts needed a better way to analyze their data. Implementing SiSense Prism has led to greater insight into customer behavior and increased bookings.